Creatively & Courageously sharing the Gospel, and equipping others to do the same.

Training & Resources:

Our mission is to see the lost saved, and the local church equipped.  We know God has called, empowered, and equipped every Christian to be a missionary.  Through our #ShareYourFaith Seminar we aim to help the average church member realize, and act on this calling.  Imagine if every Christian was actually active in sharing their faith regularly in practical ways within their sphere of influence (coworkers, family, neighbors, etc).  Our goal is to get the necessary tools and training in place to make this dream a reality.  North America is a huge mission field, let’s stop making excuses!  Step two in creatively sharing your faith is #imagine; The Creative Experience, where we are transforming brainstorming.  This hands-on and highly interactive workshop will mix prayer, reflection, teaching, and brainstorming as we challenge the average Christian to think creatively about evangelism and spot the opportunities all around them.  We believe our God is creative, and we should be too!

For more information on Training & Resources, and to book your event, email us at or give us a call at 571-278-3353.

Go & Shine is actively developing creative resources to make training and evangelism effective.  We believe that all Christians should have access to these resources to use free of charge.  Go & Shine also works closely with other missionaries, ministries, and churches in order to provide visually appealing, creative, and personalized resources.  Contact Us Here for more information.

Intentional Public Evangelism:

Our strategy for sharing the Gospel is simple.  We intentionally go to where people gather, and creatively share the Good News with them.  This results in specific ‘Campaigns’ such as #ThirstNoMore and #TrueLove.  We model our methodology after how Jesus did ministry; taking the natural, everyday, common ground, and turning it into supernatural and spiritual conversations pointing to Christ and him crucified for us.  For this we use tracts, props, and conversations to engage the public and confront them lovingly with the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Through IPE we aim to be Biblical, Creative, and Effective.

Preaching & Speaking:

Keith is an engaging and passionate communicator of the Word of God.  Expect to be confronted with the Gospel, and challenged to be changed because of it.  He aims to be exegetical in his method, remaining true to Scripture, seeking to connect original context with current culture.  Keith believes in the life-shattering power of the Gospel and that revival is on its way.

Talia is a gifted writer and communicator with the natural ability to connect with the hearts of people.  She is passionate about seeing women of all ages realize their beauty, calling, and destiny to be daughters of the one true King.  Speaking from life experience, and the truth of Scripture Talia is active in encouraging others to live out purity and faithfulness, discovering their roles in God’s grand story.

Both Keith & Talia are available for speaking engagements, conferences, and events.  For more information or to have Go & Shine in your city or church Contact Us Here.