What others are saying:

“In each generation our Lord raises up fresh voices to declare the Good News of Jesus.  Keith and Talia Comer have been called and prepared by God to “Go and Shine” in this generation.  Their clear Gospel message in word and song is being used of the Lord to reach many for Christ.  Watch what God will do as you invite them to minister in your community.”
-Rev. Dr. Jim Reese, Pastor, Evangelist & Ministry Founder | www.jimreeseministries.com

Keith and Talia are a passionate, engaging and humble couple.  They have a love for the Lord and his message that is Biblical, real and contagious.  If you are looking for a way to challenge and inspire your people, I would strongly encourage you to consider bringing Keith and Talia in to share their message and training.  I believe they will leave your people both equipped and motivated.”

– Pastor Mike Poff, Senior Pastor | Cornerstone Baptist Church, Warrenton, VA | www.cornerstoneva.org

“Keith and Talia Comer from Go & Shine helped my new church plant congregation understand and embrace their own faith stories, strengthening their confidence to share their testimonies with others.  This is a critical skill for any congregation who wants to grow exponentially more than what just the paid professional clergy can achieve on their own.” 

-Rev. Matt A. Meisenhelter, New Church Planter and Founder | Spirit & Life Church, Woodbridge, VA | www.spiritandlifechurch.org

“Go & Shine is an opportunity to be challenged and equipped by two members of the Millennials, America’s dominant generation. Although polls and statistics sadly show a majority of Millennials becoming indifferent or even hostile about the Truth, these are two members of that generation who have a passion and vision to see them become followers of Christ. As a Millennial myself, I was encouraged and challenged by them to continue to contend for the faith right here in America. Keith and Talia want to partner with you in reaching people in our nation at ‘such a time as this,’ when our country’s need for the Gospel is perhaps more evident than any time in our nation’s history.”
-Zach Kennedy, Senior Pastor | Highland Baptist Church, Hope Mills, NC | www.highlandbaptistnc.org; Twitter: @zactschp2

“Keith and Talia rock.  They came into our town ready to equip and empower my church to reach our community.  They provided all the tools, training, and inspiration my people needed to go out and impact our town.  You will not be disappointed if you bring Go & Shine to your town.”
-Pastor Ryan Atchison, Lead Pastor | Matoaca Christian Fellowship, Matoaca, VA | www.matoacacf.com

As a missionary, I was so excited to be apart of such a unique and needed mission. Go & Shine is an amazing ministry! Keith and Talia’a hard work, and dedication is so evident as they are following their call to be missionaries in North America. I had the opportunity to join them and see first hand their heart for North America and their obedience to “Go and Shine.” They are reaching the lost, and encouraging others to follow the command to “go and make disciples”, while equipping and training churches all over North America on how to follow Gods command and sharing the Gospel in their home towns. Keith and Talia want to partner with you as they are on the mission to bring the Gospel to North America!

-Casie Zimmerman, Missionary | Go & Shine Ambassador | Twitter: @GodHasMyHeart11